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Sideways and Oscar Wine Pairings

With its look at a weekend tasting adventure, the movie "Sideways" turned wine into part of my annual Oscar celebrations. I pair wines with nominees, a great way to handle advance viewing or perhaps to stay happy while watching the Oscar broadcast.

This year's lineup brings good variety to the mix: Try a Syrah wine with "Blackkklansman," because both can surprise. Go Sparkling Rose with "Black Panther" for bright, fanciful qualities. Drink crowd-pleasing Zinfandel with the popular "Bohemian Rhapsody." German Spatlese and "Green Book's" look at challenging circumstances blend well. Port suits the British court setting of "The Favorite."

Old school elegance describes Rioja and the movie "Roma." Energetic Grenache suits "A Star is Born." Both Guwurtztraminer and "Vice" do their own thing. You can start imbibing and watching movies now to get ready the program.


This review was originally aired on 2/15/2019.

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