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A toast to Pat Hitchcock

I recently rewatched Strangers on a Train and felt a moment of regret—not for the movie since it remains devilishly clever with strong work from Robert Walker, Farley Granger and in a small role, Pat Hitchcock.

Pat caused me that twinge because though our paths several times, I never told her how much I loved her performance and comic timing in the movie. Working with her father Alfred in several films like Psycho and Stage Fright, she proved a talented asset who added a light touch to dark subjects. Her ties to Lake Tahoe meant I saw her several times during the 90s, helping her publicize a wine auction that raised funds to find a cure for cerebral palsy. We talked wine (her father loved fine Burgundy from France). We talked family (she adored her parents and saw gentleness in them, not the stuff that led to projects like The Girl).We talked movies (she did not like the idea of all those Psycho sequels). She always complimented the stars and never once mentioned the strong support she provided. So later when I sip some Burgundy, I'll feel that tingle of regret but smile at the memory of spending time with her.

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