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Costner explores horizons

Returning to the big screen’s Old West with Horizons: An American Saga, filmmaker Kevin Costner travels familiar territory following several groups converging on a new development. Looking for the sweeping scope that personifies the full title’s concept of saga, Costner stumbles along the way as he cross cuts between places and characters, failing to make all connections clear. Though he moves beyond early cinematic traditions of good versus bad, Costner and his fellow screenwriters rely on concepts seen in other westerns, including a better understanding of the harm done by migration from the east. Such action requires much of the usual, from attacks and massacres to wagon trains and military forts. The life looks hard, dangerous, unpleasant, and bleak. The landscape, on the other hand, stands out with the colorful beauty of autumn aspens and red rock canyons, towering snowcapped mountains and vast valley vistas. An Oscar-winning director for Dances With Wolves, Costner knows how to showcase more than pretty scenery; he stages battles and other action vividly. An acting background helps with his cast, experienced performers rather than superstars—aside from Costner himself who waits about an hour into action before showing up. Recognizable faces include Sam Worthington, Danny Houston, and Sienna Miller, along with Reno-Sparks native Jenna Malone plus Tatanka Means from Killers of the Flower Moon. But rather than coalesce quickly, the mix of characters, places, and action simmer slowly without distinct flavor. Costner finishes with a jumble of upcoming scenes reflecting that this three hour of Horizons comes with the disclaimer “chapter one.” Without backup familiarity from a best-selling book, Costner’s leisurely introduction seems better suited to the buildup of a cable series. The slow boil of the binge format often helps projects make it over the horizon.

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Wonderfully cinematographed, excellently acted, proper set and costumes the American saga Horizons compels to doubt it was singularly directed by the great Costner ,my one of the favourites. Something missing was felt.

Lack of continuity if events, point of view of one or two major characters or even flash backs could have saved the movie from guessing , guessing and expecting . Anyway it qas a treat to watch

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