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It Aint Over too soon

Baseball legend Yogi Berra never made one of his “isms” about having a chip on your shoulder—he seemed too nice for that. But his family feels more than a grain of salt in the way the 2015 Major League Baseball All-Star Game honored four of the greatest living players without including Yogi Berra, who wore more World Series Championship rings than anyone else. Turns out getting that honor defies one of Berra’s most famous quotes and the title of the new documentary about him, It Ain’t Over. You know the rest of the line…”till it’s over,” and no one can go back in time to bring Berra out with those other legends. But the documentary offers a strong case for why Berra deserved to join those other guys, and why he warrants respect and even adoration today. Working with support of the family and a large supply of archival footage, director Sean Mullin weaves an appealing look at an immensely likeable man whose achievements boggle the mind. His records include at 1,430, more runs batted in than anyone else. The list goes on, though for non-sports fans like me, Berra remains impressive because I actually heard of him before this movie and knew that he played ball, coached it, and inspired a name for the old Hanna Barbara ursine hero, the one smarter than the average bear. Yogi the baseball guy proves himself pretty wise too, as the documentary shows when analyzing the appeal of his favorite quotes like “when you come to a fork in the road, take it.” Friendly, inspiring, and fun to watch, the saddest thing about It Ain’t Over is that eventually ends.

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Thanks, Robin! Glad you enjoyed the film. It was a labor of love for me (the writer/director) -- and everyone else involved. My Best -- Sean

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