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Rennervations finds possible missions

Marvel’s Hawkeye, actor Jeremy Renner, starts his new reality show by proclaiming his love for large vehicles, an ironic twist that lingers over his inspirational program about the value of helping others by making innovative renovations to old buses and the like. The program—Rennerv

ations—begins airing on Disney+ April 7, as Renner recuperates from a real-life accident involving a snowplow during a Reno storm. The attitude he shows on Rennervations gives hope for his future as he fights a title from another famed franchise he appears in, Mission Impossible. In Rennervations’s four episodes, Renner chooses the challenge of creating usable, mobile spaces for needy communities. The idea takes explaining, so each episode repeats about 4 minutes of introductory information leading to the specific project. Since Renner lives just outside Reno and keeps a fleet of more than 200 vehicles in Sparks, every episode includes the region, with the last focused specifically on retooling an abandoned shuttle bus into a mobile recreation center for the Big Brothers and Big Sisters of Northern Nevada. Like all the episodes, it features post card experiences of the area, including a bird landing on Renner’s head during a snowshoe trip to Chickadee Ridge. Fast cuts with lots of imagery keep the shows moving, with comic style graphic backgrounds and star bursts of color adding energy to a process forced to get technical at times—with nods to those home reno shows that prove so popular. Renner adds a different and honorable dimension—to quote “make actionability and thoughtfulness cool.” He succeeds.

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