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Turn Every Page taps literary connections

Anyone who cares about history, power struggles, great writing, deep insights, and qualities others might deem “BORING!” can only find positive reactions to a new documentary called Turn Every Page about a writer and his editor. The writer, Robert Caro, achieved New York Times Bestseller status and won a Pulitzer Prize for his first major opus, The Power Broker. Caro’s editor, Robert Gottlieb helped make that happen, as he did for other writers like Joseph Heller and Catch 22 plus Jurassic Park’s Michael Crichton or Beloved’s Toni Morrison. Growing up around such literary stardom, Gottlieb’s daughter Lizzie developed a fascination for the often-tense relationship between her father and Caro, who followed his first prize winning book with a study of power on a national level in volume one of a series covering the 36th president of the United States, Lyndon Johnson. The first Johnson book came out in 1982, with a final volume still in the works and fans like Conan O’Brien hungering to read it. Using unprecedented ability to interview the two genius Roberts, Lizzie Gottlieb finds material revealing a wealth of meaningful revelations about the process of researching, writing, and fine-tuning resources that enlighten understanding about how the world works. Nothing comes easy for author Caro, hence the title Turn Every Page. It refers to the thousands of documents he reviews firsthand and his realization that key and defining points lay hidden in a mass dull paperwork. But this historical topic could prove dry, so the other Robert steps in turning every page and considering every word to transform the concepts into page turners. The complex dynamics between the two men create their own intriguing subject of a well-made documentary.

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